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Anonymous: So I've dated a guy for like 3months. His ex of 4yrs comes back & wants him back. He goes with her then back with me like 3 times and today he tells me he wants me for real. Feelings are still there for both of us but im scared or the heartbreak.

first off u shoulda never took his ass back the first time but u need to say enough is enough and move the fuck on cuz he ain’t contributin nothin but instability, uncertainty, and heartbreak to ya life.



if you get in an argument with your man

do not hit him

it’s not cute, it’s not right

do not put your hands on him

find a better way to deal with your anger and frustration

keep your hands to yourself

Anonymous: Yo bruh, you ever be watching porn and you see a really pretty girl and you just turn into drake and just wanna save them from doing that porn video?

lmao nah fam u gettin too emotionally invested in porn

although porn is a pretty disgusting industry you should look it up

Anonymous: Would you be friends with a transsexual

yeah why not? if they’re cool iont really give a fuck what gender they identify wit

Anonymous: How do you feel about niggas taking part in like cuckold events like a white dude letting him fuck his wife purely because of the color of his skin, would you take part in one?

to each his own but nah that shit ain’t for me

now if a nigga payin me to fuck his wife/girl then that’s a lil different cuz u kno a nigga like me is broke

Anonymous: Hi! Do u think ignoring someone's texts n calls is bad. This dude does it to me all the time, I always think u should talk not play games but I'm so fed up :( I don't want to say something I'll regret. Plus this already feel childish. He acts like he can do it but when I do it it's not right

say something about it then and if he refuses to acknowledge that it’s childish or something that needs to be addressed, then u need to get gone.

Anonymous: U think its possible to beat ur shit off too much?

yes and if you’re asking then you prolly doing it too much

Anonymous: You're like doctor Phil lmao and these racist people need to stop calling you a nigger and shit like stfu already, he's black, cool and I'm spanish, cool. No one fucking cares so y'all need to shut the fuck up or just get off of anon since you're being a little pussy and not showing who you are and ik that I'm on anon but come on, I'm not being rude so I can go on anon if I want to

yeah I’m used to being called a nigger online i got a ps3 so it ain’t shit to me no more

Anonymous: My boyfriend went on a camping trip and he said he will be home in two days, it's been almost a week and me and our two year old daughter miss him what should I do?



go find that nigga fuck u mean??


why y’all laughin man I’m truly worried bout this man and where he at

Anonymous: ight so this guy I been talking to is going to college and we had a pretty nice relationship, I mean we loved each other. but lately I've started to notice a lot of changes. he doesn't like to talk as much or hang out as often. when we do all he wants to do is cuddle with me and have me close to him but then he won't talk to me for a couple days after. it's like a cycle. oh, and we don't have sex anymore so I don't see what he's getting out of just cuddling with me.

idk either but it sound like he not really fuckin wit u no more :/ u need to talk to him about it and if he dont give u a solid answer then he prolly tryna string you along

Anonymous: What state you Live in?

New Jersey

Anonymous: So you're amazing and I love you man. Estas bien guapo también!!


Anonymous: I tried calling my lost boyfriend and his family they didn't answer any of my calls they just went straight to voicemail

his whole family?? tha fuck?? well drive to they crib tomorrow or hit his friends up or see if he got any social media activity