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Anonymous: I just always see how people say don't chase anyone and do you, I mean this person isn't going to stop me from doing what I want if he's there or not, I'd just prefer to have him by my side. Thanks though :)


Anonymous: is it bad to try reach out to someone? does it make it seem desperate in an attempt to try work something out? even when you haven't spoken to that person in awhile? would appreciate some advice

no. reach out to them. just understand there likely was a reason y’all stopped talking.

Anonymous: people really like bothering you

yeah people just don’t seem to have anything better to do than anonymously claim superiority

Anonymous: You have the cutest little pointy ears 💕✨

they not ears they satellite dishes

*exasperated sigh*

Anonymous: school is about to start and I don't get the best grades but I do when I try, I really want to get good grades & I'm so anxious even thinking about it 😔 any tips please ?

you said you get good grades when you try

so just try??


*grabs her phone*

*sees pic of her suckin dick*

*ignores it*

*sees video of her gettin a train ran on*

*ignores it*

*goes thru playlist*

*see j. cole music*

aye girl this not workin out

(via skressed)

Anonymous: If a white person is rapping along with a track and the word "nigga" is in the lyrics, is it okay if they say it then?

yeah but when u see a black person come around u betta act like u playin the radio edit

y’all will come up with any justification to say nigga. i’ll tell you what though. i’ll give white people a pass to say nigga if and only if they admit that the privilege of saying the N word is about exhibiting dominance over black people and only if they admit that they wanna take all the “cool” aspects of black culture without taking the hardship and suffering that comes with it.

Anonymous: That still doesn't detract from the inherent meaning of the word. Group dynamics vary significantly. By that line of reasoning, nigga would not be ok to say even amongst blacks. There are blacks that are offended by the word "nigga". But there is no push to bar the black man from the word. What you attribute to a word or however you react is not at all the fault of the utterer. There are to very distinct definitions of the word that are used, and we are not using the derogatory sense.

man you can argue whatever you like and there ain’t no law to stop you but just understand that you’re making people very uncomfortable just because you want to exhibit power over them so if that’s cool with you (and judging from the history of your people, it’s pretty much the default) then by all means say nigga.

Anonymous: Who the fuck is, Connor? If it's so detrimental, then why do blacks use it so much?

it’s like how women call each other bitches but a man can’t do the same. like how latinos will make immigration jokes to each other but you can’t do the same. like how your family can say something about you and you hardly react, but when a stranger says it you freak out. it’s called group dynamics, and because you’re not part of the African American group, you do not have access to the privileges.

seriously, look up group dynamics.

Anonymous: I've seen many people make excellent points that refuse to refute. Your incompetence does not constituent there not being a conversation.

your strong desire to say a word that so clearly makes black people uncomfortable makes it painstakingly clear that you have no regard for the feelings, history, or future of black people. this isn’t about rights. it’s about power. you just want to exhibit your power over black people, and this (among many other reasons) is why I’ll never respect any white person you uses the N-word.

this discussion is over Connor. i won’t answer anything you have to say regarding this.